There comes a time in life when looking back is as much of a joy as looking forward. With all humility, we at both the Institutions – ‘Capital Model School’  can boastly claim to be in that state of joy but also remain scrupulously committed not to budge from looking forward to further embrace diversities of the Education System and continue endeavouring to become a become at some stage or the other.

Without an iota of doubt, the role instilled in the mind of our Mentors is based upon the following principles :

a) Teaching is neither a Hype nor Hotch-Potch.
b) Treat teaching as a process of fun & growth and not of burden & stress.
c) While teaching, always tap sub-conscious mind of the students for best results.
With this philosophical mission and pragmatic approach for execution, we can thus categorically assure all the Parents/Guardians that their aspirations in the pursuit of Scholastic and Co-scholastic Components regarding their Ward’s Education will stand testimony of time.